Restorative Exercise

As athletes, we want to move. We crave the feeling that good training gives us - both mentally and physically. But, are you moving in the best way possible?  As much as we may excel in our sport, the truth is that our passion for specific movement is wrecking our bodies. We feel it after a hard workout, many of us are plagued by pain and conditions that we right off as par-for-the-course of being an athlete. We are trained to train through the pain and build up our mental toughness, but what if I told you that it doesn't have to be that way?  

As a  Restorative Exercise Specialist through Nutritious Movement, I bring another aspect to training that is often overlooked. Our chosen sport and training focuses on specific movement patterns that can lead to overuse injuries and impeded performance. The fact is, our bodies are designed to move in a multitude of dimensions in order to keep it running in an optimal manner. When we ignore some movement patterns, we are actually not training to our full potential. In addition, we must offset these overused patterns, and cross-training is not enough. My work in Restorative Exercise and as a Massage Therapist and Certified Athletic Trainer will focus on correcting the imbalances caused by traditional training. I will assess your alignment, movement, and chronic issues to develop a training plan that is truly movement-friendly.  

Training with a sports specialist, like a running coach? I am happy to work with your current coach to design a program that compliments your current training program as well. Let Restorative Exercise be the missing link in achieving your goals and keeping you pain-free!


90-Minute Initial Session - $115  
60-Minutes Follow-Up Session - $75  
30 Minutes Add-On to Massage - +$45 

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