Simply Nourish


At The Nourished Athlete, we understand that balanced nutrition goes beyond popular diets, calories, and macros and looks at how what we eat nourishes our body as a whole.

We also look at the other forms of nourishment that our bodies need to thrive. The definition of "nourishment" is "the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition."

For us, that means supporting our gut health through the food we eat, the company we seek, the practices we bring into our day, and how we move. There is no one formula that can follow, but instead, need to discover the perfect mix for each of us.


For much of our adult life, we've been told how we should eat, how we should exercise, and basically how we should live. For many of us, this leads to a life of confusion, unhappiness, and sometimes stops up dead in our tracks.

What if we returned to a practice of returning to simply nutrition that we are intuitively drawn to? Eating foods that make us feel healthy and energize, even if others say they are on the "no-no" life? Real food that fuels our movement and enriches instead of deprives.

What if we could stop feeling frozen by the indecision of what we're supposed to eat and how we're supposed to exercise and instead checked in with ourselves and let our daily inspiration be the guide? How would that make you feel? For me, it's freedom.


We need to shift our definition of nourishment to be more supportive to our health and our life vision. Bringing in whole foods, simple recipes, and natural movement support our gut health, which in turn supports our brain health, our immune system, and reduces depression and anxiety.

We follow a plant-based (but not vegetarian) approach to food. There is nothing off-limits. Instead, we learn what foods are best for us and build our diets around our findings.

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